MAINCSV Creditor Layout

This CSV layout is includes an email address to notify your beneficiary of your payment instruction. Please ensure that you select the "MAINCSV" format when using this layout. 

A=Ref (Customer code or Own Reference)
B=Name (Creditor Name) 
C=Amount (Nett. Amount, no comma for cents) 
D=Account No. (Customer Account number or Short Code) 
E=Branch Code (Bank Branch Code or Short Code) 
F=Ref (Reference to reflect on Customer Bank Statement)
G=Email Address (Email notification will be sent to beneficiary to notify payment instruction)
None of these fields should exceed 16 characters and all data must all be formatted as text. 
Save file as *.CSV with no commas or special characters in text, ONE header and NO footer (NO TOTALS). 
Format cells to "text" before save as *.CSV. 
DO NOT OPEN THE *.CSV FILE AGAIN AFTER SAVED (Excel will add formatting to this *.csv file when opened like dropping zeros etc. and it can alter data)

NoNameAmount Acc No BR CodeReferenceEmail
2BIG RENTALS985.251015568988051001Inv

File Format

Make sure you select the relevant format from the "File Format" dropdown 

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