PayAccSys provide a solution for secure, reliable and cost effective EFTs.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is an electronic payment service that enables you to make payments electronically, into any individual or business bank account, securely and quickly. We are a customer driven company and currently process hundreds of thousands of EFTs, worth over a billion rand per month.


PayAccSys is designed to easily work within existing banking relationships and is quickly integrated into any payroll and accounting software.

The PayAccSys structure is already integrated into major systems as an attempt to avoid any changes to your current systems. This means that getting your system integrated with PayAccSys is quick and simple.


PayAccSys is specialised in EFT pay-outs, including payroll. Our clients vary in size from small to large multinationals.

PayAccSys is fully insured against civil and criminal liabilities which means that our clients can rest easy knowing that third party funds are fully protected. When we communicate with the banks to submit payments, we make use of secure socket layer (SSL) and transport layer security (TSL) encryption. SSL and TSL are cryptographic tools, that work in conjunction with one another, ensuring that your private information is encoded in such a way that only the trusted server that we are communicating with can decode and read the information. PayAccSys is a level 4 contributor to meaningful broad-based empowerment, meaning our clients can claim 100% of their procurement from PayAccSys in their own BEE credentials.

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